Join the camp for an authentic French cycling experience. 

What your camp ticket includes: 

  • Welcome Reception, August 28
  • Special Registration Area
  • VIP Corral Start
  • Special Post-Race Meal Area
  • 7 days of supported group cycling
  • 40-90km/day
  • Take on a number of famous climbs to prepare for the race and make the most out of your week in the Alps
  • Welcome Dinner

The GFNY Alpes Vaujany camp has two objectives:
1) Experience the legendary French Alps climbs and 2) Get you prepared for the race- mentally and physically.

GFNY Alpes Vaujany is a climbing race. Over the course of the week, you will get lots of climbing practice on many beautiful, famous climbs. You can expect to climb one Col every day. We will ride up several climbs that are directly near Vaujany, and for the climbs that we drive to, we drive to the bottom of the Col and ride from there.

You will be back from cycling in the early afternoon to also enjoy non-cycling tourism activities. GFNY Camp is meant to prepare you for race day, not wear you out. By race day, you will be comfortable with taking on long climbs, with variable steepness, and should be in peak condition to finish GFNY Vaujany strong.

Travel Plan 

You should plan to arrive in Vaujany on Saturday, August 22. We kick off Camp Week with the Welcome Dinner on Saturday, August 22 at 18:00. During the Welcome Dinner, we will all get to meet each other and also go through the plan for the week.

The cycling kicks off on Sunday, August 23 and goes until Saturday, August 29. Meet up time is 9:30am daily in the town center of Vaujany. We meet at a café, so you can get a coffee or use the restroom before we ride. We often take pre-ride group photos and videos. The daily briefing is at 9:45am.

The departure is 10am. From our meeting point, we will ride to our day’s cycling challenge. For two of the rides, we will take van transfers: to Col du Galibier and Col d’Izoard. Meet-up time for the van transfer days will be 9am.

For Day 1, we will ride easy on this day and stay together. We will use this day to gauge the speed of the group. For other days, we will split the groups by speed, although all riders will take the mountain climbs at their own speeds. There will be a support car with water, basic food and basic mechanical supplies following the ride.

Group leaders will speak French, English and Spanish.


Here is the itinerary for the week, note that you always have the option to take a day off or do your own ride if you want to.

Sun: around Lac du Verney to Col du Sabot

Mon: Vaujany - Alpe d'Huez - Vaujany

Tue: transfer to ride Col du Galibier

Wed: Col de la Croix de Fer

Thu: transfer to ride Col d'Izoard

Fri: Col d'Ornon

Sat: rest or Route du Bessey

Please note the itinerary is subject to change based on weather. We will switch daily itineraries around to ride up Cols with the best weather that day.

Each evening, we send an email to all campers with exact schedule and itinerary for the cycling the next day.

More Information

For any questions about the camp, please contact:


For more information listen to our daily podcasts.

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