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Chapter 4: Travel to European GFNYs in 2021, and 2022

15 Jul 2021

In this video: Document checklist: passport, UCI license or medical certificate, vaccination card, covid test Vive GFNY France! Feature of GFNY Lourdes Tourmalet Traveling to GFNY France via Paris CDG airport Traveling to GFNY Italia

Chapter 4 : GFNY Europe Travel - Where to Stay and How to Pay

14 Jul 2021

GFNY Europe Travel Support Series – Part 4 In this part of the GFNY Travel Series, Chris shares some great tips on accommodation, travel connections, transportation and smart ways to pay your way while in

Chapter 3: The GFNY Europe 2021 Camp experience

08 Jul 2021

Chapter 3 of the GFNY Europe 2021 travel guide series prepares you for what the GFNY Camp experience is all about. During each 1-week camp, you will preview sections of the race course and

Chapter 2: Travel to GFNYs in Europe 2021

06 Jul 2021

This video is about planning ground connections in Europe. GFNY’s Ambassador Chris Geiser shares his advice and experiences to help you have a smooth experience traveling to Europe in 2021 for the cycling

The GFNY La Vaujany 2021 Race Video

29 Jun 2021

GFNY La Vaujany twice featuring Alpe d’Huez was tough but better than you could have ever hoped for. Watch the race video here! Missed your chance to participate at GFNY La Vaujany this year? You’re

Incredible finish: GFNY La Vaujany decided in sprint after 3800m of climbing

24 Jun 2021

Belgian Tim Alleman and French Marine Quinion top the podium Tim Alleman (Belgium) took the win in an incredible three-man sprint at GFNY La Vaujany in the French Alps this past Sunday. 105km with 3800m of climbing

GFNY announces GFNY Grand Ballon

23 Jun 2021

GFNY Global Endurance Sports Series continues its expansion in France with announcement of GFNY Grand Ballon in Alsace on July 10, 2022 GFNY Grand Ballon is the latest addition to the GFNY calendar. Scheduled for

L’Alpe d’Huez headlines GFNY La Vaujany

16 Jun 2021

Riders get to tackle the legendary L’Alpe d’Huez climb, not once, but twice, on June 20, 2021 As France enters summer season, GFNY racing continues to get back on track with the inaugural GFNY Vaujany

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